Beyonce Concert Fails Following Row over Broadcasting
negotiations have fallen apart following a disagreement over live broadcasting rights of the concert, … Beyonce’s manager has agreed to let live broadcastings of only five songs from two-hour performance, according to sources. Compared to the one song broadcasted live during her dazzling first performance in Addis in October 2007, where she was paid 1.75 million dollars, this may sound an improvement. (Read more)

Melese decides to stay in power

ENA – The Regular Meeting of The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) council concluded after adopting various decisions on Tuesday.

The council has welcomed and examined the resignation request of EPRDF chairperson, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The council held wide discussion on capacity building and replacement system of senior leaders of the Front.

Accordingly, the council has reached consensus to strengthen the trend to recruit young leaders at various levels in the Front side by side the leadership existing since the armed struggle.

The council has passed decision the senior leaders of the front and management would hand over its leadership in the coming five years.

The council has examined the resignation request of EPRDF Chairperson, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and decided to put in to effect as per the procedure of the Front after five years.

The council urged the entire public to work together to ensure development and democracy in the country. It also wished peace and success for the Ethiopian people in the coming New Year . (Read More)