Bolé, new business district of “Addis”

Upscale hotels, jazz club: in the midst of becoming, the district of Bole is the favorite destination of business travelers in Addis Ababa. Notebook of the best addresses.

Sprawling mushroom city with its four million inhabitants, Addis Ababa has no attraction for aesthetics, pushing at great speed in a real urban chaos. The huge avenues are lined with new buildings under construction, many of which are unfinished, forming ghostly concrete skeletons in the landscape.

In the Mercato and Piazza, in the center of the city, an ancestral African market is held every day in a mess of colors, smells of spices and incense, Chinese junk, but also crafts and traditional fabrics. A dive in an authentic Addis, exhausting because in the middle of extreme poverty.

But we do not come to the Ethiopian capital to contemplate its architecture or its modest museums, but especially to discover its new face, fascinating. Kazanchi, the traditional business district, has more and more luxury hotels in the middle of touch-playing cars. Even if the new Chinese-built tramway drains the middle class who has come to work in the offices, relieving the network of overloaded minibuses.

However, the real revolution is in Bole, an area completely out of the ground in the middle of the fields in just five years and located between the city and the airport. HQ wealthy families in Addis Ababa, the place is very popular with business travelers, but also by the Ethiopian diaspora, Bole teeming with good places to dine and go out. New four-star hotels open every year, the streets are lined with ATMs, very rare in the city center, and luxury shops display their gleaming windows. This is where the “all Addis” is found, including the Edna Mall with cinema, fast food and shopping in the American. in Bolé, elegant jazz-jazz clubs sift their lights to receive the best singers of Ethiopian classics and the most experienced jazz musicians. (Read more)