Foreign Companies Loud Progress in Ethiopian Products. February 26/2018

Addis Ababa February 26/2018 Representatives of foreign companies have praised the progress that locally manufactured products in Ethiopia have shown in quality and variety over the years.

The representatives have observed the progress that locally manufactured products have made in one of the events, the “Made in Ethiopia” expo kicked off on Friday.

A number of foreign companies use this event to see the local potential in producing quality goods in order to establish businesses here and enter into partnership.

Some of the representatives who talked to ENA during at expo expressed their impression on locally produced goods including construction material, leather and leather products, food and beverage among others.

Andre Luigi from Italy said “I am here because I want to do some business and that’s why I came to take a look. So far I have seen very interesting ideas to work on”.

“Ethiopian production is going well and growing a lot having quality and also variety” he added.

“The leather products are very nice staff; I saw also that the quality and style have improved a lot since the last 10 and 15 years that when I saw first time the first product. It is encouraging and it will benefit the country”.

Nesemial Muftya from Stockholm said “we are visiting this ‘Made in Ethiopia’ fair because it’s very interesting to see what you have locally produced materials and to look what you locally made and offer in different sector’.

“It is well organized and a lot of local brands are here and it was also really good”, she stated.

Wiyt Liu from China, who is working for a construction company in Addis Ababa, came to the expo to see construction materials, as the company uses imported products.

“This is good. I expected to find some local manufacturing companies so that we can cooperate maybe we can manufacture some products. I did found some companies because most of the products are imported from other countries”.

The exhibition is aimed at enabling local manufacturers to network with potential buyers, presented locally made products and was visited for the past three days.

The three-day expo which brought together manufacturers and buyers acted as a platform to technologies and boost investment in the industrial sector.

About 120 manufacturers from leather and leather products, textile and garment, construction and building materials, as well as food and beverage participated at the “Made in Ethiopia Expo”.