BBC News Africa launches its first Horn of Africa roadshow

Just launched, and running from the 4-16 March, BBC News Amharic, BBC News Afaan Oromo, and BBC News Tigrinya will be traveling around different regions of Ethiopia to meet and engage directly with their audiences in their hometowns.

In the first of its kind for the BBC, this unique roadshow will include debates and discussions for the public to be part of and bring new content every day for audiences around the region. These three BBC language services launched in September 2017, and have since covered and recorded numerous historic events in the region.

The roadshow coincides with the almost one year anniversary since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power and will be an opportunity to assess his achievements and also analyze the challenges he currently faces. There will also be big interviews with some of Ethiopia’s trailblazers, including the country’s first female President of the Federal Supreme Court, Meaza Ashenafi, and the first female chair of the electoral commission, Birtukan Mideksa – who is also a former opposition activist. Plus a number of other leaders.

Throughout the 11 days, there will be a series of events covering the issues that are key to the local audience in different parts of the country. Original content will be available on radio, social media and BBC News Amharic, BBC News Afaan Oromoo, and BBC News Tigrinya.

The finale of the roadshow will be a joint debate on the issue of fake news on Saturday 16 March in Addis Ababa.

Rachael Akidi, BBC Head of East Africa says: “We want to introduce our journalism to audiences across Ethiopia. It’s Africa’s second most populous nation with a young and dynamic demographic. We hope the roadshow will be able to capture the momentous transformation the country has undergone over the last year, and also examine some of the challenges it still faces. It’s an opportunity for our audiences to hear the full story of Ethiopia.” (read more)